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Closing Anterior Open Bites with Low Pulsatile Forces & No Elastics

Closing Anterior Open Bites with Low Pulsatile Forces & No Elastics From the article’s introduction, “Treating anterior open bite patients without surgical solutions presents two challenges for orthodontists. The first challenge is closing the open bite with anterior elastics, and the second is the stability once the bite is closed. This article focuses on the […]

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Interdisciplinary Case Report NL

Interdisciplinary Case Report NL From the article, “Case NL illustrates FACE principles that address goals for functional occlusion, facial balance and dental esthetics with the ultimate goal to provide dental stability, long-term health to the periodontium and TMJs. The keys in this collaborative interdisciplinary case are an accurate periodontal diagnosis, careful orthodontic tooth position detailing, […]

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Images from Goal Directed Orthodontics

Images from Goal Directed Orthodontics, 2013 Chapter 17 “Goal-Directed Approach to – Diagnosis and Treatment and its effect on Clinical Excellence and Efficiency” 2013 As one of the nation’s most respected orthodontists, a leader in the field of education and treatment, Dr. Straty Righellis has shared his expertise with countless university-trained orthodontists worldwide, including in […]

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ArchWire Sequencing Changes with Accelerated Acceledent

ArchWire Sequencing Changes with Accelerated Acceledent From the article’s opening statement, “By offering a noninvasive accelerated orthodontic treatment solution to patients requesting faster and more comfortable treatment, orthodontists are simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and increasing practice efficiency without compromising the quality of their clinical results. However, from lecturing around the country and reading the literature, […]

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