Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered, clear up uncertainties, get predictable results, and sleep well at night and make a healthy profit for your excellence You will be able to leverage your knowledge; increase your productivity, increase your speed, all the while increasing certainty and eliminating the errors you’ll never make again.

Since 1986, Dr. Righellis has mentored countless orthodontists from many parts of the world who come to learn and look over his shoulder and see how he works. His passion for teaching other doctors to care about the entire range of orthodontic care has earned him the reputation of being “the orthodontists’ orthodontist.”

He has written over 35 articles and papers on Treatment Efficiency and Treatment Excellence, and has lectured to over 350 groups nationally and internationally. He also has authored a chapter on Treatment efficiency and Excellence in the textbook Goal Directed Orthodontics.

After his lectures, participants often ask, “if they can visit his office and watch him work.”

If you’re thinking just the slightest “maybe,” don’t you owe it to yourself, your family and your patients to learn if this is the right program for you?

This program will greatly advance your skills and confidence, and benefit you every day for the rest of your practice life. And that is why this is such a terrific investment, giving 20-100 times return.

What’s next? Once your brief application is received, the next step is an informal chat with Dr. Righellis over phone, or video conference to see if the Mini-Residency is a good fit for you, and to learn how it will benefit your patients and your practice.

How do you welcome the new patient to your office?

The wrong way leads to failed case acceptance, the right way makes acceptance almost a forgone conclusion.

Do your prospective patients really know the kind of orthodontics you do?

You should know why it matters!

Do splints really work?

I will show you how to make them work efficiently and effectively.

Do certain cases you finish not look right?

You’ll understand why, and learn exactly what to do about it in this unique learning experience.

How does mixed dentition treatment fit with your overall treatment philosophy?

I’ll give you strategies and approaches that may surprise you and give you faster, more profitable treatment with less chair time.