Treatment Mechanics Series

Treatment Mechanics Series: Overview

Treatment Mechanics Series: Treatment efficiency in Class 1 Permanent Dentition: This program will describe the 3 stages of permanent dentition treatment with the specific checkpoints for each of these 3 stages. These protocols and checkpoints create treatment efficiency with no backtracking. This means shorter treatment times and more ‘on time’ finishes.

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Treatment Mechanics Series: Class II malocclusion (Mixed Dentition) with short lower jaws – Diagnosis and unique treatment approach: Improving the skeletal relationships in patients with short lower jaws in the mixed dentition is another orthodontic diagnostic and treatment challenge. I will share what approach our approach to create outcomes successful.

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Treatment Mechanics Series: Cuspid Impactions: Early recognition and prevention techniques – These strategies will reduce the number of cuspid impactions: This module, with evidenced based studies, supports proven clinical strategies to reduce impacted cuspids in the permanent dentition. Of particular importance is sharing the language to have your dental referral sources see the benefit for their patients and make a timely and early referral.

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Treatment Mechanics Series: Class II Malocclusions (Permanent Dentition) with patients with a short lower jaw – Diagnosis and Treatment Options with five case reports: One of several orthodontic diagnostic and treatment challenges is correction of the Class 2 malocclusion with a short lower jaw in the permanent dentition. Using a goal directed approach to diagnosis and treatment planning lessens the challenge.

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Treatment Mechanics Series: Primary Failure of Eruption PFE: While PFE is not common, orthodontists will encounter this phenomenon several times in their career. This seminar will share two case reports that will equip you with confidence and competence when PFE cases are referred to you. Utilizing these two case reports, this seminar will add to your knowledge base.

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Each module will demonstrate the benefits of Goal-Directed Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Outcomes to help your clinical practice thrive! All modules have immediate applicability.

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