Treatment Mechanics Series: Class II Mechanics with patients

In production; will be available by December 10, 2020

Treatment Mechanics Series: Class II Mechanics with patients with favorable growth patterns Treat the Class 2 first!

Course Synopsis: Treating the Class II first has regained popularity; however this approach has been used for over 45 years. This module will describe Class II cases that will respond successfully with this Class 2 first protocol. – Purchase Course $40

Teaching Points in this module

  1. Learn diagnostic criteria for successful and efficient Class II correction in the dental Class II malocclusion
  2. Three lower arch treatment options will be shared based upon the diagnosis and treatment goal for positioning the lower incisors

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A leading orthodontist in the San Francisco Bay Area, he serves as an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. He has lectured at Harvard, Boston University, University of North Carolina and the Arizona School of Dentistry Orthodontic Programs. Dr. Righellis is a reviewer for the American Journal of Orthodontics Dentofacial Orthopedics , written over 40 articles and papers on Treatment Efficiency and Treatment Excellence, and has lectured to over 450 groups nationally and internationally. He has authored a chapter on Treatment efficiency and Excellence in the textbook “Goal Directed Orthodontics”. He practices orthodontics in Oakland, California