The Four P’s for a Thriving Practice

Practice Development: The 4 P’s for a Thriving Practice -Place, People, Promotion and Product

Course Synopsis: The 4 P’s for a Thriving Practice – Product, Place, People & Promotion. By focusing on these 4 areas, you will take the necessary small steps needed to succeed and thrive during any challenging times! However, this current pandemic from a business standpoint really is not  any different from any previous challenges that any other successful business has had to face. I have used the 4 P’s since my orthodontic practice began and we have been able to thrive during the 4 or 5 crisis that have challenged the business world. I will show metrics to support this claim. Staff engagement is very critical and I will share what we did. Each of the P’s will be discussed in detail to open your eyes to new ways to better your practice. This 90-minute program will help you look at these key areas in your practice to determine where you practice may need a jump-start.

Teaching Points in this module

  1. Take each ‘P’ and learn the various components of that particular P
  2. Be able to create solutions regardless of any economic crisis your business will confront
  3. Techniques to engage your staff to create solutions so their business will prosper and thrive

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