Inter Disciplinary Series: Missing Upper Lateral Incisors

Inter Disciplinary Series: Missing Upper Lateral Incisors- Strategies, Success and Shortcomings

Course Synopsis: This course will emphasize the four criteria required for successful lateral incisor replacement and the three key tooth positions for optimal cuspid substitution treatment. Cases will be reported from as early 1980 to the present.  While esthetic outcomes have always been desired, advanced technologies in dental materials and clearer understanding of optimal esthetics by the layperson, the demand for optimal occlusal function and esthetics is now expected and can be achieved.

Teaching Points in this module

  1. What do you tell the patient’s family in the middle mixed dentition?
  2. What diagnostic factors determine to open space or close spaces?
  3. Who is on the team to help make that decision?
  4. Short and Long term outcomes dental implants in the ‘Smile Zone”.
  5. After the cuspid is substituted into the lateral incisor position, how do you interact with the restorative dentist as the final esthetic and functional result is restored?

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