Diagnostic Planning Series

Diagnostic Planning Series: Overview

Diagnostic Planning Series: Integrating the Occlusion, Smile Esthetics and Facial Balance for Optimal Outcomes (Part 1): This module will demonstrate diagnostic planning for complete orthodontic outcomes. While the occlusion dictates the need for treatment, the smile and facial esthetics guides us where to place the teeth in the face fro optimal outcomes. The lessons learned on this module will be applied to future cases and help differentiate you from others.

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Diagnostic Planning Series: Integration of Occlusion, Smile Esthetics and Facial Balance and TMD with 5 cases demonstrating the (Part 2): This module takes what you learned from Part 1 and applies these principles to clinical 5 cases.

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Diagnostic Planning Series: How to do a Visualized Treatment Plan: This ‘How to do it’ module will take you step by step on how to do a pre treatment. This module will show you how to visualize the patients facial balance with various treatment options. Learning this skill set show gives the patient the facial balance direction of your treatment plan ( e.g. extraction with retraction, extraction without retraction and non extraction treatment)

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Diagnostic Planning Series: Evidenced-Based Dentistry: This course will explain evidenced-based dentistry in clinical terms so you can share this conversational information with your patients. You will learn FACE criteria and literature citing Functional Occlusion, Smile Esthetics and Facial Form. As a bonus, I will also share how I read and critique journal articles.

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Each module will demonstrate the benefits of Goal-Directed Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Outcomes to help your clinical practice thrive! All modules have immediate applicability.

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