1 Day In Office Course

One Day In Office Course

This format is designed for the busy orthodontist who would like a sampling of The Straty Righellis Teaching approach. We cover a range of topics including courses on Diagnostic Planning, Treatment Mechanics, Interdisciplinary Cases, and Practice Development. We also cover the language most effective in convincing patients and their parents of the efficacy of your treatment plans.

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This day-long seminar will demonstrate the benefits of Goal-Directed Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Outcomes to help your clinical practice thrive! All modules included have immediate applicability.

Enrolling in a course from Dr. Righellis is easy! Just purchase the course you wish to take, and we’ll contact you within 72 hours to discuss the specific course materials and timelines for completion. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Righellis at straty.er@gmail.com or by calling (510) 219-0416.